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On average 200 extruder yearly leave our production headquarters in Sankt Augustin, Germany. Additionally to customer specific tailor made machines, KUHNE builds certain extruders in series in order to offer shortest delivery times and a good price at the same time.

KUHNE Anlagenbau

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Long year experience of KUHNE Group with profound knowledge of raw materials and recipes combined with unique processing know-how and innovative design – concentrated on our core area: that’s KUHNE Anlagenbau.


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Highly sophisticated, state of the art machinery with more than 30 skilled and experienced staff, who are ready to accept even demanding challenges. If you are looking for highest quality and professional skills – look for KTOOL.

  • “Die Spezialisten für Extrusionsanlagen” KUHNE Group
  • “Anspruchsvolle Technologie für anspruchsvolle Folien” KUHNE Maschinenbau
  • “Anlagen für biaxial-verstreckte Folien für Hochbarriereverpackungen” KUHNE Anlagenbau
  • “ Geballtes Wissen aus dem Bereich der Folienextrusion” KUHNE Ktool